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AeroCoach Ornix Road Handlebars

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AeroCoach Ornix road handlebars are designed to make you win races. They put you into the most aerodynamically efficient position for breakaways and sprinting, with an advanced ergonomic design for wrist clearance in the drops and comfortable breakaway riding with horizontal forearms.

Ornix bars are super stiff with a braced stem design, ensuring that all of your race winning power is transferred through the bike into the road.


Ornix bars allow you to hold a multitude of hand positions - at the drops the bars are 375mm wide with a long flattened position for sprinting with your hands parallel to the ground.
Further up the bars start to narrow towards the 325mm hood clamp area, allowing for a more aero higher drops position with your hands facing forwards. In this position and the standard drops position there is extra wrist clearance built into the bars to avoid hitting your wrists when sprinting.
At the hoods the clamp section is 325mm, but as the bars are slightly flared the tips of the hoods will sit around 280mm centre-centre depending on make/model of hoods. There is no need to turn your shifters inwards with Ornix bars, so you can safely and efficiently reach the brake levers and gear shifters without having them at an awkward angle.
Ornix bars allow you to comfortably adopt a breakaway position with horizontal forearms, and with the flared drops changing position from drops to hoods is easy and natural.


There is a serious advantage from upgrading to Ornix bars, not only from a standard round handlebar but also other aero road handlebars. See our aero data below comparing different handlebars:


Ornix bars are designed to be exceptionally stiff, improving handling during high speed sprints. See our deflection testing results below:


Ornix bars are designed to work with electronic gear, mechanical gear/brake and hydraulic brake cable systems. There are three exit holes on the rear of the bars, two either side of the stem for non internally routed stems and one larger stem hole for integrated systems. Ornix bars use a standard 31.8mm stem clamp.


A tilt adjustable, removable computer mount can be purchased along with a set of Ornix bars. There are options for Garmin or Wahoo, along with a separate adapter using an action camera mount for your camera or front light.


Please check the geometry of the Ornix bars carefully below. Reach is increased due to the narrow location of the hood clamps, however if you currently use a narrow hoods position you may wish to reduce your stem length by ~10mm, depending on your current handlebar reach.


Ornix bars are fully UCI legal.


STEM CLAMP: 31.8mm
REACH: 91mm
DROP: 130mm
WIDTH (DROPS): 375mm

WEIGHT: 355g ±20g