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Lighter, Stronger, Faster.

Tested and Race proven Bike Components that will make you faster.


The Crash Plates come in 7 different colors, and are available in 4 different sizes to match the chaining size precisely. Freesolo and Oval-Guide are available for various mounting standards and chainring sizes. Our Crash Plate also helps to prevent the abrupt end of a race or tour due to a defective chainring. Through constant optimization of this combination of chain guide and crash plate, we have achieved system weights of around 50 grams. This is why we still see professionals using chain guides on their bikes. The models we offer are incredibly light and bring you the last bit of safety during hard pedaling. Do you still need a chain guide? While N/W chainrings are a great innovation, they are still subject to wear and tear, the guiding effect fades, and the chain can start dropping.


Beautiful, light and reliable, the perfect symbiosis: this is what we have achieved with our handlebar-stem combination. The stem, which is CNC milled from a solid billet of 7075 aluminum, weighs just 69g (the 45mm version weighs 84g) and comes in 7 different colors. The carbon handlebars weigh 240g with safety standards ASTM F2043-13 / category 5, so we have successfully launched one of the lightest DH-compatible combinations on the market. The carbon handlebars are produced by our reliable partner "We Are One Composites", so we can proudly say they are “Made in Canada.” Further we offer an excellent single-clamped bolt on grip, and our headset bottle cap allows you to customize the cockpit even more by adding your favorite bottle crown.


Here you can find our seat clamp, which weighs only 8 grams, or Tunning Ti bolts, which make your bike more colorful and shave off some weight. Grips, a headset cap for bottle crowns, and our new carbon stem spacers, are all great additions to your cockpit. Use our Anti Rattle Tube to eliminate the rattling noise of internal cables. Reduce chain slap on the chainstays with our Frame Protection Tape. Our mud fender gives you perfect vision on the trail in muddy conditions.

If you have questions or need help finding the right product, check out our FAQ or contact us.