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Why Sportsbalm

Optimal performance

Our goal is to enable athletes to get the most out of themselves: after all, everyone wants to be the best! In cycling, improvements in the material are often looked at, but ultimately the riders have to let the pedals turn. You can only achieve top performances if you prepare your body as best as possible. Sportsbalm therefore provides athletes with the best muscle care they could wish for, regardless of the circumstances. We do this with products for before, during and after exercise.

Highest quality

Our own high-quality and unique recipes make Sportsbalm the number 1 in quality. We are always developing new products and work closely and exclusively with one of the best laboratories in Europe. We also ensure that we develop our products in collaboration with doctors and have them extensively tested by top athletes, so that we are always assured of the Sportsbalm effect.

Responsible and natural

Not only do we place high demands on the effect of our products, but we also think it is important that our muscle and skin care products are produced in a responsible manner. Because natural ingredients are less harmful to the environment, we use them as much as possible in our formulas. The sustainability of our packaging also has our attention: all our packaging is made of bio-plastic.

Ready to level up?

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