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ROTOR Aero Q Chainring for Shimano 4-Bolt

SKU C01-048-07020-0/C01-048-19010-0
Original price $56.00 - Original price $150.00
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$56.00 - $150.00
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by Rotor

Q RINGS BCD110x4 oval chainrings compatible with all ROTOR cranks using BCD 110x4 spider or INspider power meter.

In addition, these chainrings are also compatible with Shimano® Dura-Ace® FC-9100 and Ultegra® FC-8000 cranks, offering fast and precise shifting, as well as a more aerodynamic and attractive aesthetic.

Q RINGS oval chainrings allow you to pedal more efficiently, taking advantage of the maximum power of your pedaling and reducing the stress on your knees. Q RINGS offer a healthier pedaling.

Sizes:  |  54/42  |  53/39  |  52/36  |  50/34

BCD: 110x4

Weight: 155 g (50/34T)  |  124 g (50T)  |  30.5 g (34T)

Ovality: 12.5 %

Chainline: 43.5 mm (using standard axle), 

Material: 7075-T6 aluminum alloy 100% CNC-machined

Cranks compatible: All ROTOR cranks using spider BCD 110x4, All ROTOR cranks using INspider power meter, Shimano® Dura-Ace® FC-9100, Shimano® Ultegra® FC-8000

Groupsets compatible: Shimano® 12s, 11s & 10s, SRAM® 11s

Chains compatible: 12s, 11s chains