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Squeezy Energy Dispenser

Perfect for those looking to minimize waste!

Squeezy Energy Gel Refiller

Cut costs and optimize nutrition intake when pairing this with the dispenser.

Squeezy Liquid Energy

Your low-viscosity solution to race-ready fuelling!

Squeezy Energy Gel

Packed with 21g of high quality carbs for a multi-step energy release.

"All the body needs, not more, not less. And with maximum compatibility!" - Squeezy Sports Nutrition

Squeezy stands firm behind the truth that less isn't always more, especially if not well thought out.

With DNA based on 4 guidling principles:

  • Rejection of artificial Ingredients that would affect gastric tolerance and with flavours only coming from natural sources
  • A low concentration of dissolved particles, leading to faster absorption and provision of energy in the body
  • Multi-stage energy release through a blend of maltodextrin with short and long chain carbohydrate molecules and sugar
  • Rapid release and flexible nutrition options through fructose and in some cases variants offered without it

True to it's principles...

You can't be part of the solution without understanding the problem

You can't be part of the solution without understanding the problem

Acknowledging their role in the environmental impact, Squeezy is committed to being part of the solution, addressing challenges faced in the past two years with determination.

Embracing innovation, Squeezy's new energy gels now utilize state-of-the-art monofilms, ensuring easy disposal through recycling systems*. In a bold move towards sustainability, Liquid Energy products are now offered in a recyclable 1000ml refiller with a spill-free 150ml soft flask, providing cost savings of up to 45% for environmentally (and economically) conscious customers. As Squeezy progresses, all gel flavors will soon be available in 500ml refill bottles, replacing PET cans with eco-friendly cellulose bags and incorporating bioplastic inserts based on organic sugar cane. Their commitment extends to powdered beverages, now packaged in organic sugar cane cans with lids and measuring spoons following suit. Striving for climate-neutral supply chains, recycling fillers, and cardboard packaging in large-scale and shipping, Squeezy aims for a greener future. Look for the 'Squeezy goes Green' badge to identify their new products with sustainable solutions.

*Where facilities exist