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Chainrings & Sprockets

With the production of the first Kappstein Sprockets for our electric motors and a chainring for the Doppio, we quickly recognised the potential of our state-of-the-art machinery for the production of high-quality chainrings and sprockets for cycling. Meanwhile, we are in close contact with the FES (Institute for the Research and Development of Sports Equipment) as well as with professional athletes in order to continuously develop our products further.

Our latest development is the ProLine drive series. It combines high-precision manufacturing technology, innovative tooth design (round teeth design), special material tempering and drastic weight reduction — and all this for narrower 11-speed chains.

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Olympic Technology

The basic idea was to reduce the power losses and wear to a minimum. A special coating is applied to the raw material to ensure that the chain glides optimally through the gaps in the toothing. The hard-anodising treatment and the additional PTFE coating are particularly resistant on the one hand and reduce friction on the other. The Elite Chainring is manufactured exclusively using the “Round-Teeth-Design” and ProLine toothing and is therefore only compatible with 11-speed chains.

The chainring was used for the first time in 2016 at the Olympic Games in Rio. All the nominated track bike athletes were equipped with this aluminium masterpiece. Many of the German track professionals are using this unique chainring, more specifically the Kappstein ProLine drivetrain.