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Neatflow Starter Kit

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To experience the power of the new Neatflow Cleaner Beech, Thistle and Dandelion, we came up with a starter kit.

In the high quality and sturdy bucket (made in Germany) are a ready-to-use bottle with Neatflow Bike Cleaner “Beech”, the Neatflow Brake Cleaner “Thistle” as well as the Chain-Cleaner “Dandelion”.

To achieve the perfect clean, also included is a micro-fiber cloth.

With the Neatflow Starter Kit, cleaning your bike will be done so fast, you’ll be free to chill and enjoy your iced drink in no time.



  • Neatflow Bike Cleaner "Beech" 1L with spray head
  • Neatflow Brake Cleaner "Thistle" 0.5L with spray head
  • Neatflow Chain Cleaner "Dandelion" 0.5L with spray head
  • Neatflow 5L Bucket
  • Neatflow Microfibre Cloth
  • Neatflow Chain Cleaning Brush