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Aerobody Unit

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Aerosensor's aerobody uses optical sensors to measure the position of your head and chest, relative to the stem. Through wind-tunnel tests, velodrome sessions or time-trials, riders tend to sway away from constant body positions as fatigue sets in. Body position can be seen as the single biggest factor in performance, and aerobody providees instant alerts to the rider if deviations in body position occur, allowing for correlations of position to aerodynamic drag. It's easy to test yourself in a vacuum, but taking it to the next level with aerobody, and having live feedback is invaluable.

With the use of the CIQ app (Garmin Connect 3rd party app), a reference point can be taken for the user's optimal body position on their bike. The app then instantly alerts the rider to any deviations from their optimal aerodynamic position, with white indicating your reference point CdA and then blue for being too low and red for being too high. Users are able to see how their head and chest position changes in real-time during a lap, between laps or on the track/road and how that affects their overall aerodynamic performance.

The aerobody can also be used indoors in a wind tunnel, or on the trainer, which allows the user to perfect and train in their most optimal position, no matter the weather.

The data collected is accurate to within 1mm, and the CIQ app records body position data throughout the ride to a FIT file for comparison with aerodynamic drag data.


  • High accuracy, real-time optical body position sensor.
  • No need to attach anything to your clothing.
  • 1mm resolution.
  • Train in your optimal position to stay aero.


Box Contents:

  • Aerobody sensor.
  • Garmin quarter-turn bike mount.
  • Start-up guide..