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SILCA Anti-Seize

SKU AM-AC-052-ASY-0200
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Protect your titanium bolts from corrosion with aircraft approved anti-seize with a nickel base.

• Effectively lubricates threaded and press-fit assemblies, especially between two dissimilar materials
• Suitable for service up to 1426°C (2,600°F)
• Reduces galvanic corrosion and seizing due to chemicals or weathering
• Permits easy disassembly of component parts exposed to corrosive environments
• Copper-free, Lead-free, and NO PTFE or PFAS

Anti-Seize low-speed lubrication provides the ultimate protection against seizing, galling, and corrosion, ensuring that your expensive cycling components can be easily disassembled.

With a superior Nickel-based formula, SILCA’S Anti-Seize is made specifically for reactive metals like: magnesium, titanium, aluminum, carbon and stainless steels and combinations of all.

Anti-Seize is engineered for aerospace standards and can withstand the toughest of extreme conditions - salt, galvanic corrosion and highly moisture resistant. This is more so the case than with lithium grease.