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SILCA Locking Presta Valve Chuck Hiro

Original price $89.00 CAD - Original price $89.00 CAD
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$89.00 CAD
$89.00 CAD - $89.00 CAD
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A stainless steel side-lever locking chuck, capable of reaching over 250psi without needing anyone to hold the chuck on the valve. The Hiro is SILCA ’s version of the popular Hirame chuck that’s been around for decades. And, while both chucks are technically rebuildable, you’ll actually be able to find the replacement parts for the Hiro. It’s a fantastic device that’ll give you the freedom and flexibility to pump up your wheels, disc or not, to high pressures without the assistance of a second person. It comes with a 25 year guarantee, is entirely made in the USA, and can be used with any Schrader-compatible chuck.