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Praxis M30-BB86/BB90/BB92/DH 104.5/DH 107

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by Praxis

This BB is used for many different frame types that have a 41mm Diameter :

PRODUCT Press Fit BB for PF41mm Diameter BB Frames.
See photos above and video below!
BUY THIS IF : You are installing a Praxis M30 alloy spindle crank into bicycle frame with a press fit 41mm bore, and has the measurements below.
MEASUREMENT This one BB is used for many frame types that have a 41mm Diameter :
BB86 - ROAD & BMX | 86.5mm Width
BB90 - MTN ONLY | 89.5mm Width
BB92 - MTN ONLY | 92mm Width
BB104.5 - DH MTN | 104.5mm Width
BB107 - DH MTN | 107mm Width
Helpful frame shell guide here
BEARINGS Steel press fit with integrated bearing.
30mm DRIVE / 28mm Non-DRIVE
TOOL This specific M30 BB is a pressfit. Use BB press tool/drift for installation, and a cup-removal tool for removal. These are very specific tools so talk to your local bike shop if you do not own them. See Instructions link above.
MFG Unique precision ground steel integrated design in which the bearing race and carrier are all in one.