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Neatflow Chain Cleaner 500mL

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The dandelion is an extremely adaptable and resilient wild plant. The serrations of the leaves are reminiscent of a lion's teeth (like a chain tooth) and it has been used in natural medicine for thousands of years, thanks to its stimulating effect on metabolism and digestion - everything then runs like clockwork. Our Neatflow chain cleaner Dandelion is an absolute all-rounder with excellent degreasing performance.

Neatflow is free from dyes and odors, 100% petroleum-free, 100% based from renewable raw materials, 100% recyclable, and is the reason why it is our first choice when it comes to protecting the environment to the best of our ability. The bottles and labels are made from the renewable Green PE raw material sugar can (where 1t of Green PE saves up to 2.5t of CO2).


Spray your chain or derailleur gear with Neatflow's Dandelion Chain Cleaner. After 3-4 minutes of application time, remove the dirt with a brush or a cloth. Do not let it dry out. Remember to lubricate the chain after cleaning. We recommend using Neatlfow's chain oil Sun-Dew. Use it sparingly, as it is very effective.