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Izumi Jet Black Chain 1/8" Pitch

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$28.00 - $32.00
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by Izumi
Color: Black

The Izumi Jet Black Track Chain is an ½ x 1/8 drive element that works for single-speed, bmx, and fixed-gear bicycles. It’s designed to be strong and smooth.

Izumi has a long history of making strong track chains. Japan has long had a thriving professional track racing scene and Izumi has long been a part of it. The company was founded in 1916 and at the time, bicycle chains were all they made. They’ve expanded their line to include automotive and industrial chains, and the knowledge they’ve gained from making heavy-duty chains for other applications has filtered back to bicycles for chains that are both everyday and impressive.

The Black colour of the out-plates is made via an alkaline process that results in what’s known as a black oxide finish. This finish both looks good and, more importantly, works as a sealant to protect the metal from corrosion.

This chain measures 116 links uncut. It comes with a reusable master link.