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FAQ - Rimpact

Can I buy these for my shop?

Of course! Cycolo is set up as a B2C and B2B shop. Contact us to set you up easy and fast and get you and your customers rolling on Rimpact inserts or any of our other brands.

If you are already a dealer, please login here.

Is the insert available as a single - I only want it in my rear wheel?

Rimpact is sold in both pairs and singles, however we strongly suggest you buy a set for the following reasons:

  • At Rimpact, we believe that our inserts are best experienced as a pair. Rimpact's key benefit is in it's vibration damping qualities. Most of the vibration felt through the bike comes from the front wheel, through the fork and into your hands. This makes running Rimpact in the front wheel a necessity and will significantly improve the feel of your bike over rough terrain. The difference cannot be understated! It will also reduce fatigue over longer descents making running an insert in the front a must! ​
  • We also believe in balance. We want Rimpact to only add positive attributes to your bike. If you run Rimpact in the rear only, your front tyre will feel vague and unsupported in comparison to the superior feeling you'll get from the rear. Weight isn't really a factor at as little as just ~95g's per 29" insert.​
  • Another reason is support. The front wheel is the steering wheel and supporting the tyre to retain shape and grip is key to not washing out or under steering. By running an insert in the front you will be able to run a lower pressure to find grip but also be confident that the tyre will hold its line when you drive it through the turns.
  • Not enough reasons to buy a set rather than a single? How about being able to run lower pressures in the front tyre for extra grip where it is truly needed. If you have a set already but the rear needs replacing or you are upgrading to Mullet, you can buy a single on it's own through our shop.

What size do I need?

We've got a handy size guide page to help you answer that, all you need to know is your wheel size, tire size and rim internal width measurement. Usually this is denoted by the name or sticker on the rim.

If you still need help, head to our contact page and let us know as much info about the set up you are running and we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

Do you sell mullet / mixed wheel sizes?

Yes. We have so many options in our shop and if you really can't find the fringe size you need, get in contact, we can do custom sets in our ORIGINAL and in some cases our Pro and Plus models.

Why should I buy Rimpact, I never get punctures?

  • Makes lower pressures more viable.
  • Supports the tyre sidewall to reduce tyre roll.
  • Reduces burping by stabilising the tyre bead.
  • Significantly reduces vibration, trail chatter and trail feedback.
  • Increases the confidence you'll feel in the bike at higher speeds and over gnarlier terrain.
  • In terms of weight it is light enough to be practically or totally unnoticeable when pedalling.
  • Will get you out of a tight spot by acting as a run flat if you forget your tube when you inevitably do get a puncture or tear your tyre on something sharp miles from civilisation.

What tubeless sealant works with Rimpact?

Any on the market today. Rimpact Foam is inert and will not react with Latex, Ammonia or any of the other agents in the current range of sealants on the market as of January 2022 - that we know of.

That said, we recommend Stans or Silca Sealant. We have worked extensively with Stans and many other sealants during testing and development and have found the Stan's Tire Sealant (in some cases the Race) to be the best option. As such we began stocking it in the shop so that our customers could have a one stop shop for new tubeless set ups.

How long does Rimpact last before wearing out?

Rimpact ORIGINAL will last, on average, over 6-12 months in a normal use case. We have seen and owned sets of Rimpact ORIGINAL that have lasted over two years of above average use case.

Rimpact PRO is more burly by nature and as such will last longer on average thanks to its tougher layer. However both versions of the insert are designed to sacrifice themselves in favor of saving your rims and tyres. As a result, super low pressures, thin or worn tyres, riding on flat tyres can accelerate wear. The insert usually out lasts a tyre and the life can vary from user to user. For E-bike use, we'd recommend a PRO insert over an ORIGINAL as it's more heavy duty nature is much better at handling the heavier weight of E-bikes and the torque output from the motor.

Do my tyres need to be tubeless before installing Rimpact?

Yes. Rimpact only works with tubeless set ups. They cannot be used with tubes. If you don't have your tyres set up tubeless yet, you can purchase the gear you'll need from our shop at the same time as buying the Insert. You'll need:

  • Tubeless rim tape - to prevent air escaping through your spoke holes.
  • A tubeless compatible tyre - most are rated for tubeless nowadays (usually has 'TR' or 'Tubeless Ready' written on the sidewall).
  • Tubeless Valves - You'll need Rimpact Tubeless valves to use a Rimpact Insert so make sure you pick them up when buying your inserts rather than purchasing expensive valves you won't need.

What happens if I can't fit the inserts - can I have a refund?

99% of the time Rimpact is easy to fit for competent tyre fitters, however there are certain rim/tyre combos even the most proficient tyre fitters struggle to install. If you are struggling to get your inserts fitted, reach out to us and let us know the particular point you are stuck at, and we can troubleshoot from there.

In some cases, we may suggest taking your wheels to a workshop/professional that has experience in tubeless setup, as they should be able to assist you with ease: as skilled as you might be, nothing quite beats the knowledge and expertise of someone who fits tyres day in and day out. We offer a refund on a case by case basis, providing all the necessary steps to fit them have been taken, and the inserts/packaging are in suitable condition for resell.